Postdoctoral Research

Victor Faundez's Lab

My postdoc research addresses the role of mitophagy in mitochondrial retention seen in Menkes disease, a progressive form of childhood neurodegeneration that is triggered by dysregulation of copper which shares pathogenic mechanisms with neurodevelopmental disorders. I am  testing the hypothesis that deficits in ATP7A, a chief transporter required for copper homeostasis, activates the pink-parkin mitophagy pathway in order to trap damaged mitochondria within the soma, thus preventing mitochondria delivery to the synapse in Menkes disease.

Foundation of the Singleton Lab 

Anticipated in 2024

My ultimate research goal is to use systems biology and genetic approaches combined with my training in cellular and molecular neuroscience to investigate the mechanisms that control neuron development in normal and pathological conditions. 


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*Authors contributed to this work equally

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