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Picture of Kaela in front of a wall of leaves

Kaela S.
Singleton, PhD

Campaign Manager, Solving for Science

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About Me

I am a Black, Samoan, and Queer woman, born at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. My parents met in the Army (due to some frowned upon  fraternization) and raised me in Grayson, Georgia. Despite both my folks being from small country towns, I am a city girl at heart with a deep love of sweet tea, college football, shopping, and antiquing. On an average day, you can catch me reading in the sun, making jokes on the internet, and prepping for the nearest holiday.

Education and Training

In 2014,  received my bachelor's in neuroscience & classical history from Agnes Scott College, a private all-women's liberal arts school. I went on to earn my Ph.D. in neuroscience from the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience at Georgetown University in 2020. 


I completed my postdoctoral fellowship in the Faundez lab  at Emory University and trained in cellular neuroscience, mentorship, and teaching.  After three years excelling as a postdoc, I realized professorship/being a PI wasn't for me. I worked with a career coach - the incredibly talented Lydia Soleil, Director of Career Development in Emory's Office of Postdoctoral Education, to figure out what the hell I was going to do with my life (to put to bluntly).


Now my skills and interests have culminated to me securing the Campaign Manger role at Solving for Science. While I'm new to life outside of academia, I'm incredibly excited to be in the nonprofit sphere and continue to share, learn, and grow!

Infographic version of Kaela's CV

Hobbies and Fun Facts

Astrology: Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon, Cancer Rising, 

Myers Briggs: ISFJ "The Protector"

Enneagram: Type 6 "The Loyalist"

Despite never attending the University of Georgia, I am an avid UGA football fan. I consider myself a pop-punk and pop culture aficionado.  I enjoy sharing my Spotify playlists, reading literary fiction and romance novels, jigsaw puzzles, and watching drama/comedy based television. I am a classically trained violinist and a huge lover of dinner parties and cooking. I've never lost a game of Scattergories, and welcome a challenger!


I'm always happy to chat about my career path, help folks with their own paths, and learn from new people!

Shoot me an email, set up time on my Calendly or DM me! 

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